Pants, shorts and leggings

Jazz pants, leggings, capris  or shorts. Choose whichever adapts better to your requirements. Viserbella offers different models, materials and sizes both for children and adults. Please contact us and tell us what your are looking for.  

Pants and Leggings
  • Low rise pants
  • Straight leg
  • In Nylon-Licra or Cotton-Licra
Jazz pants A-065
Legging long A-061
  • Leggings
  • Long or Capri
  • V-waist or elastic band
  • Tight pants
  • In Nylon-Licra or Cotton-Licra
  • Straight leg
  • In Nylon-Licra or Cotton-Licra
Sport pants A-063
  • Different lenghts
  • V-waist or elastic band
  • In Nylon-Licra or Cotton-Licra
Cyclist  L-071
Sport Short A-083
Short L-081
Short A-081

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